About BrightReps

BrightReps was founded with a simple goal in mind:

Eliminate barriers that prevent great people from contributing to a company's success

When leading teams within companies, process is key. A process defines how team members should represent your company to other stakeholders, whether internal peers or external customers. The problem is the way these processes are typically documented is static, locked away in flow charts, document storage, and knowledgebase articles, and disconnected from how people actually work.
Most workspaces weren't designed with your process in mind. Managers should be allowed to design their ideal-state workflow without reverting back to spreadsheets or spending technical resources to wind up with a frankenstein ERP configuration. Your team should be able to work from the process itself, so those beautiful, ideal-state workflows you dream up instantly become reality.
That's why we created a new, flexible framework which brings process flows to life and merges them seamlessly into your team's workspace. Instead of memorizing steps upfront, your team is guided through them in real-time, keeping everybody on the same page and making onboarding a breeze. You won't have to juggle multiple browser tabs either, as each step comes embedded with integrations that accomplish tasks using the abundance of APIs that are available in today's world.

Empower your team with BrightReps. Your customers will thank you.