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BrightReps Sidekick™ is a CRM app that connects reps with their processes and tools.

We make processes work for you,
not the other way around.

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More and more companies are choosing BrightReps to change how they scale their support organization

10x faster ticket handling times and 900% ROI
"able to fulfill requests in 30 seconds rather than 3 minutes."
"easy to use and saved significant time"
Process Builder

Process Builder

Build and export your process flows.

Publish updates in real-time to ensure your reps are always working from current processes.

Process Analytics

Process Analytics

As reps work, Sidekick™ captures process data.

From process heatmaps and timetracking to rep feedback, get the necessary data to continuously improve your processes.

Process Builder

"made our day to day support processes much more efficient"

- Dana Dunford
CEO, Hemlane

Process Builder

"With Sidekick™ we reduced the most labor-intensive ticket handling time by 90%!"

- Jason Howard
Director of Customer Happiness, Kinsa



Sidekick™ automates tedious steps using a library of integrations.

Create shipping labels, initiate replacement orders, and launch quality processes, all from your CRM, with no code required.


Designed for your CRM

Sidekick™ is designed to work where you work, your support CRM.

Reps on Sidekick™ receive all the benefits of step by step instructions, automations and integrations right from the support ticket.

Getting Started

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Download BrightReps Sidekick™ from your CRM Marketplace

2. Sign Up

You will be asked to sign up when accessing for the first time

3. Set Up

Visit the Admin Portal to set up company settings and process flows

4. Enjoy!

Enjoy the time savings and process improvements!