BrightReps is a modern work platform designed to inform, empower and scale teams.

Save Time On Training and Onboarding, While Keeping Your Team Informed

Process Builder and Manager

Build and publish process flows to your team real-time – providing peace of mind that they’re always working from current processes.

Process Knowledgebase

Reps have access to a searchable and suggestable knowledge base with step by step guidance right from the ticket - eliminating the need to reference or memorize static process documents.

Process Analytics

As reps work from Sidekick, BrightReps keeps decision makers informed with analytics to identify process outcomes, pain points and bottlenecks.

Result: 80% Reduction In Training and Onboarding


Super Charge Your Processes to Save Time and Work From One Place

Status Snapshot

Sidekick status bar provides an instant snapshot of the customer’s status (order, shipping, etc.) when opening a customer interaction – eliminating the need to swivel chair between systems for common status inquiries

"Out of Box" Integrations

Enjoy the power of integrations with the tools you love! Say goodbye to “copy and pasting” and navigating browser tabs to complete a request. Configure time-saving integrations to automate expensive tasks at the click of a button, with no code required.

Custom Integrations

Companies are unique - it’s what makes you great! We provide the tools to build a more custom solution. Build a solution that works just for you and integrate with internal tools with no code required.

Result: 90% Reduction In Ticket Handling Times


Seamless, Real-Time Insights and On-Demand Add-Ons to Scale Your Team

Real-time Dashboard

Managers can view in progress and recently completed work to form data-driven insights about your processes through instantaneous analytics - including the ability to:

  • Monitor individual rep activity
  • Pareto interactions by category, flow and step
  • Identify resource bottlenecks
  • Identify process bottlenecks

Result: Support staff that can scale with your company

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